As is the custom, the bride and groom must offer a small gift to their guests to thank them for their presence. The question is to know what. Finding a present that everyone likes is not an easy task. We would all like our guests to keep a memorable memory of our wedding, thanks to this gift that will remind them of this unforgettable day. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect guest gift. With the ebay gift card you can find the best bit now.

  • You must first establish a budget before continuing your research. If your budget is tight, you will rather be interested in designing them yourself. For example, you can use your cooking skills (or that of your mom) to prepare cookies or jams. You will only have to pack them in a paper that you have chosen, with a small label. This also works for lavender sachets. If your budget is a bit higher, you can have labels. A gift according to your tastes
  • Then think about what you like, what you like. It’s still your wedding. Do you like bath and beauty products? You can offer small soaps with a thousand and one scents. As a Murmure offers soaps round or square, with the rose, lavender for example, customizable with your initials, your first names or even a logo. If your guests do not use it later – because it’s so pretty – they’ll be able to smell it and remember the day of your wedding every time they take it in their hands.

Another idea is that if you are greedy, it is the small packets of sweets, truffles or even M & M’s which will please you. Everyone loves these little crunchy chocolate lozenges, and most of all it changes traditional sweets.

A gift based on your wedding theme

Form your gift according to your wedding theme. For example, if you are getting married on the beach or the theme is “In the tropics”, you can offer flip flops to your guests. It is nice and practical. Bath towels work too. Think of fans for a flamenco. For a Nature theme, think of small pots of parsley or basil. Otherwise think of beautiful wood bookmarks. Walter Bellini, a cabinetmaker, offers beautiful bookmarks precious wood like white ebony, which will be engraved in the names of guests and delicately varnished for a soft and silky touch, a quality present that lasts in time.

Your family, your witnesses and bridesmaids are not just any guests. You must give them something more important. It can be an accessory that they will wear on their outfits like a brooch or a bracelet. You can also offer them a gourmet gift, such as chocolates customized with family photos.


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This is a little attention that will not fail to seduce your guests. Whatever you choose, depending on your budget, your taste and your wedding theme, these gifts for your guests will take place in each of their homes and especially in their hearts.