Many people wish to change their home with attractive things to have a classy look. The modern home decor includes various things such as interior designing, decorative themes, exterior colors, decor textures, flooring, wall art and even more. Among all these varieties people widely make wall art and wall painting which can be done with simple things but in a creative manner. Modern wall art has different unique styles which would enhance the interior decor by using simple creative things. Many people would think that modern wall art or wall art decor are Limited Edition Prints but they have wide variety such as wall art is done in a simple way with modern painting on the wall, creativity modern arts with innovative designs and handmade decorative accessories. For people who love the antique collection can arrange simple, unique antique collections in the wall which give a surprising feel whenever it is seen.

Limited Edition Prints

Various wall art ideas:

There are several ways to decorate empty walls with a different theme of wall art, creative ideas or recycled handmade crafts. The most common two ways of wall decorative are simple moderation and contemporary designs. Here some simple and contemporary modern wall decors listed below which are widely used by the people.

  • Modern Wall decor using mirrors
  • Wall painting with modern designs
  • Wall décor using 3D wall panels, using fabric paints and textured wall designs.

All the above listed are the latest trends of wall decorating which are widely used apart from this there are further contemporary wall designs which are listed below.

  • Modern wall painting made with hand coloring.
  • Simple wall decor using geometric shapes and cubes which creates optical illusions.
  • Knitted wall decor with crochet designs
  • Geometrically designed wall stickers in bright colors
  • Stone tile decor
  • Brick wall decorations
  • Antique collection modern decoration.

Wall decor can also be done with a personal touch using handmade craft items such as

  • Handmade wall decorative panels using wood or modern designs using craved wood
  • Creative abstract paintings and bed headboard paintings
  • Modern decor with antique collections.
  • Photo or digitally printed wallpaper designs can be used as wall decor

How to have personal touch wall decors:

Apart from the above list if you need to have a personal touch in wall decor, then you can add some meaningful quotes or personal quotes or mention names or even add pictures to the wall decors.  It is not that the wall decors should be done only using paintings and crafts rather you can use old books and magazines for wall decor and some peculiar designs will be available with limited edition prints and you need to rush to order at first. Even you can use colorful hats, masks and bowls to have ethnic decors and if you are nature lover then you can make the creative modern designed wall decor using trees and leaves. Not only this if you wish to have functional wall decorating then you can arrange different clocks as small storage. All these wall decors are mainly based on your wall theme so before beginning, wall decor makes sure of your wall theme.