Wearing a full suit pant, waistcoat and jacket on the hottest days can often make you feel a lot hot, right? Yes. So why not invest in the use of the Vest without Jacket for more formal occasions or events? Or make more casual looks, day by day, with the famous Social Vest, to give a more aligned look, a more formal touch or to add a good detail, play with layers, etc. Yes, the Men’s Vest. The right choice for the gilet homme original is essential here.

gilet homme original

It can be an excellent ally to have as an option in our cabinets, for various occasions, events and you think that despite being a traditional piece, wearing without a jacket can give a current touch to the look, after all this mix of Tailoring Pieces in A more casual look is on the rise, it can transform a basic production into a harmonious and very versatile production. Here are some basic tips for wearing a vest without a jacket.

Replacing a Jacket too:

The Social Vest can replace both the Jacket, in a more formal look, as a Jacket, in a calmer look, an excellent choice for warmer days, night events, etc.

Align Your Silhouette

It’s a great piece to align our silhouette, make it tidier, more fit. It’s nice to pay attention to the modeling, it needs to be comfortable, can’t tug, be too tight, but can’t be dropped, wide, with excess fabric leftover, it leaves a sloppy air to the look.

Buttoned and Unbuttoned

The basic tip is if the vest is worn in a more formal look, with a shirt and all, is indicated to wear it buttoned, but always with the last button unbuttoned, ok? As not to be uncomfortable when we move our arms or our body.

Ideal length

Be careful that shirt does not appear under the vest, between the pants there, all soaked in this region, this gives an air of sloppiness as well. The ideal is the vest cover the waist of the pants, okay?

Belt or Suspender:

Even in the more formal look, if you feel your look is heavy, it is worth not wearing a belt if you are in a vest. A Suspender worn inside can be a good choice too, to hold the pants on. And if you need to take off the vest for some reason, it comes as a surprise piece in the look.

Pro day today:

If you are going to wear a T-shirt look, something more day to day, set up a very quiet production and want to include the vest, you can invest in the shorter open piece, working as an accessory, complement the look, put creativity to work.


Choosing the custom color also makes all the difference. More classic men can choose models in navy blue and dark gray. Those who are more flexible and like to innovate can bet on variations of traditional tones. A strong trend in this country, according to the stylist, is royal blue. It’s been used on a number of occasions, even at weddings.