The utilization review is a must for all the administrators to have in their program. This review is a deciding factor for them to say whether they give a go-ahead to the treating doctor with the treatment plan that he/she has stated for the injured worker to undergo. This is to ascertain whether those treatments suggested are required for the injury or illness or not. There are also guidelines for the review to be done and they can’t be done randomly and discarded for some whim or fancy by the administrator. If the rules have not been followed during the review the injured party or the worker has the right to file a complaint to the local workers’ compensation office. Take the help of Workers Comp Florida .

How to get seek a review

If a certain treatment is denied or a certain plan of treatment is not agreed by the review of the administrator, the injured worker can ask a review of the decision taken and set the review process again after signing a form along with the denial of the certain treatment letter. If the injured party is treated and the administrator doesn’t pay for the treatment, the injured party will not have to worry as the doctor and administrator have to sort this out.

Workers Comp Florida

There are health care providers which are set up in accordance with the insurance that your employer has taken for the workers’ compensation. So that they are there to treat the injured on the job. This would be a mix of doctors and would have specialized in work-related injuries as well as knowledge of other areas of medicine. So, if there is an injury, these will be the first set of doctors who will be available to treat you unless if you want a predesignated doctor for your treatment. There is also a health care organization that has been set up by the local workers’ compensation office.

Change of doctor for treatment

When you are injured and would have put forward your claim of injury or illness to the administrator or supervisor about it. The first month of injury or illness is treated by the primary treating physician who is selected by the employer. If there is a necessity that your predesignate doctor has to treat you, then certain conditions have to comply. You will have to take permission to switch the doctor of your choice.

The predesignate doctor is the doctor of your choice who you may be referring to even before the injury or illness. But in the case of injury or illness related treatment, the doctor would have to comply to certain conditions with certain specializations in his profile and other requirements as per the forms page that states what the personal physician or doctor of choice must comply to before he/she begins treatment.

When you are recovering as per guidelines the employer has to provide transitional work or light work to the injured worker or employee. This is decided on the basis of the medical report that is presented to the administrator or supervisor. The changes that are required in your work schedule or assignments is then decided upon. The job description is reviewed by

  • Attorney
  • Employer
  • Doctor

And the changes are then decided upon.