Bread is the most traditional, most beloved and most consumed food product. There are so many different options for making bread. It would seem that each of us knows literally everything about bread. But here’s an interesting question: do we know how to cut bread correctly? It seems to be a somewhat pointless question. What are the rules here? Cut it and that’s it. There comes the choice of Allesschneider .

It turns out that such rules exist:

How to cut bread? It is advisable to use a separate cutting board for this. There are also special boards with slots for the knife. On such a board, you can move the bread to the step of the lattice as the pieces are cut. This produces very even, evenly thick bread slices. The crumbs fall into the space between the base of the board and the grill. After cutting, take out the grill and shake out the crumbs. It is very comfortable and hygienic.

What knife to cut bread with? The most convenient is the so-called knife-saw. A narrow knife with a blade length of about 18 centimetres is ideal.

If the bread is very fresh and soft, it is recommended to heat the knife blade over a fire. Then you can cut the bread in neat slices.

To avoid the formation of a large number of crumbs, it is recommended that in the places where you are going to cut the bread, make cross-shaped incisions.

Cut the bread slowly. Keep the knife at an angle. Hold a piece of bread vertically and cut it from the inside out.

Boards for slicing ready-made bread

First, consider the materials from which cutting boards are made. Wooden cutting boards are perhaps the most common. In some kitchens even plywood boards have been preserved, but plywood is not suitable for hookers, it quickly splits, becomes covered with cracks, into which dirt is clogged, and the glue with which plywood layers are glued is not at all useful for health. So, we sweep the plywood boards and will look for a cutting board made of natural wood. It can be a birch, beech, pine, oak, acacia, bamboo, heave.

Most often in stores you can find pine or beech boards. They strongly absorb moisture, crumble and accumulate food residues in chips and slots. Therefore, pine and beech boards are best used for slicing bread and dry foods.

Heave and bamboo are considered ideal materials for the manufacture of boards: they have high strength, are resistant to stress, do not absorb moisture and do not swell in water, wash well, do not blunt knives and do not absorb odors.


How to cut bread

Previously, when bread was baked in houses, it was round, in the form of loaves, and the loaf in the form of a brick was not there at all. At that time, women were cutting bread, putting it on an apron on their chest, while men kept it on weight. But it’s so convenient to cut only a large and round loaf; today it’s almost impossible to meet one unless you bake at home. In addition, according to the rules of etiquette, cutting bread by applying it to the chest is considered incorrect.