Leather is a long-lasting and flexible material created by tanning animals rawhide and skins.

Kinds in between them

  • Full-grain or top-grain leather
  • Corrected or embossed grain
  • Split suede, functional or inexpensive leather
  • Nuuksuedey grain or very sensitive leather
  • Reconstructed, bonded or fibre leather or recycled leather.

The product to be made must come under the process

Leather making is also known as leather crafting is an art of shaping and colouring of leather.

What are the animals hide used to make leather?

*Cowhide, Buffalo hide, Pig hide, Sheep hide,  Lamb, hide, Deer hide, Elk hide, Crocodile hide, Alligator hide,  Stingray hide, Snake hide, Shark hide

Why is it so Singapore?

It is famous for the leather products as it produces the various kinds of outcomes leather kits, pure leather and so leather craft workshop singapore is an inevitable roll in the production of leather products.

  • Leather painting is varied from leather dyeing, where dyeing present in all over the leather and painting present only on the surface of the leather.”
  • Carving “the process to bring leather into a fine shape called carving. Carving tools are swivel knife, vainer, bevelled, pear shader, seeder.”
  • Stamping “stamping of leather is used to do imprints on the surface of the leather.”
  • Moulding / Shaping “soaking a piece of leather into the water to highly increase flexibility.”
  • Laser cutting/etching “this process contains carbon dioxide lasers cut leather very smoothly at lower pressure can give a detailed design.”
  • Perforation “the output of punching that provides for the manufacture of a large number of leather into sheets.”
  • Pyrography “it is the process of doing art with a hot needle to make a drawing on leather.”

Is India a place with leather products

The leather city of the world is Kanpur (India). It has the finest and largest tanneries in the world. East India Company is the one which started in the 19th century is the first company of leather manufacturing.

The outcomes of the leather

The products are boots, shoes, slippers, sandals, belts, purses, briefcases and other leather accessories.

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The thing you made must be useful, for someone who in real need of it, The main uses are

  • Binding “it is regularly used to binding the books.”
  • Clothing “it helps to manufacture pant, skirt, raincoats, jackets.”
  • Footwear “it is the most common uses of leather including boots, shoes, slippers, and other footwear products.
  • Furniture “ chairs, couches and  as well as automotive made from leather and recliners.”
  • Watches “leather wristwatch straps are very common, as well as bangles and other jewellery.”
  • Sports “it is used to produce footballs and baseball gloves.”
  • Cases “it helps to manufacture sunglass case and smartphone case.”
  • Accessories “it helps to manufacture personal accessories like belts,

The positive is not only the side of a life

  • More sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.
  • Very consistent in wearing and tearing.
  • In some rare cases, it creates allergies to human skin.
  • Creating a severe environmental degradation on mankind by the tanning process in the leather industry.