Leatherwork in older days doesn’t have a proper concept in leather techniques. So that most of the people focus on wrong techniques. There are many queries around the world in those days. There will be basic techniques.

In my early days of leatherwork, I had no proper concept of the most important basic leather techniques and as such had my focus on the “wrong” techniques which would have either way come more naturally. I have had a few queries on this topic and so in this article, I sought to help you with the most basic leather techniques you’d need starting out in leather workshop singapore .

In addition to the above list, we also discussed the details of what these skills mean and the various reasons why they are the very basic necessary leather skills for beginners to know and focus on right from the beginning of their journey in leatherwork. Keep reading to find out more.

Leather Selection and Storage

As simple as this may seem, most beginners get this part wrong. When you’re starting out in leatherwork, you’re the best bet in the leather choice is to go for an economy-grade leather and later upgrade to more expensive grade once you have gained experience. By selecting the good quality of the leather is not a big thing. There are a few things that are important while selecting a leather. Price of the leather should be kept on one side and another side we have to decide the side and shoulder parts. Some get confused while selecting the parts of the leather to rectify this confusion start the first thing in double shoulder hide. Use of leather and shape of hiding makes in another thing. Example – a project that works on long and narrow like a belt, first we have to cut in one piece that’s the most important one. Check the leather whether it is more natural or not is important steps for this leather production, especially in full grained leather because it comes with some defects like spots and scars. Rectify the defect appeared in the design is a part of the leather project. Storing the purchased leather in loosely rolled with grain by facing inward is the best way and the storing place is fully cooled. Brownor newspaper is used to roll it up because of it react well in leather.

Rotary Cutter:

When talking about the cutting equipment, there comes the best cutting tool called the rotary knife which is best used for all garment weight and upholstery weight leathers. But as a drawback, it cannot handle heavier leather. When comes to straight cuts it handles the most comfortable and most accurate. Both upward and downward cuttings are handled at ease with this tool. The rotary cutter is widely used across the world by the professionals.

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Utility Knife

After all discussion about the cuttings techniques and the tools, one’s own favourite is always chosen to be the utility knife which is also known as the box cutter which is used to cut the tight corners especially. Cutting is always a mesmerizing action performed with utmost accuracy and ease. The end product is always a perfect outcome of our own skills and techniques.