Drink to Painting area Miniatures is a miniature painting service located in San Jose California. We’ve years of experience painting great quality models on the West Coast of America so please check out further of our work under the Painting Exemplifications menu at the top of this runner. If you have models either for wargaming or from a board game you’d like to have painted also please get in touch and we can help you get your uncolored armies into action. The US infantryman with the BAR and their.Kfz.222 and M16 half-tracks all needed assembly. Our standard painting approach is to use two and three-color painting styles mixed with wetlands where applicable to deliver results well ahead of other painting services. We use maquillages from Foundry and Vallejo to deliver excellent colors and use a combination of matt and satin varnishes to ensure a real-world look to the finished model.

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Then are painted 28 mm Cristino Infantry from the 1st Carlist War I’ve just completed on commission from Stephen in San Jose. These models were produced by the Perry Sisters in the UK. Then a link to some French Foreign Legion colors from the Carlist War we painted for the same client. I’ve just completed an instigative commission painting the characters from one of my favorite pictures of all time Aliens. The models are for the new Aliens Board Game from Gale Force Nine. These 28 mm painted Aliens Board Game models are great sculpts and capture the look of the original movie actors. It was also delightful corresponding with the client and getting to roll out some of the iconic quotations from the movie. I’ve just completed these painted 28 mm Carlist War Artillery models for client Stephen grounded in San Fransisco. These are from the popular Perry Models range. I tried some new ways to get the wood grain to look the way it does on the Carlist Mule ammo boxes. I’m pleased with the final result. Then are some painted Chaos Space Marines from Games Workshop I’ve just painted on commission for client Chad in San Jose. I painted these following a companion model from the client and they’re slightly different in style from the dereliction exemplifications shown on the Games Workshops website (linked over) but in a cool way. These are the first Space Marines I’ve done in a while and were enormous fun to make up. The moment I completed some painted 15 mm Napoleonic Cavalry painted on commission for client Rodney in Texas. The Cuirassiers were especially delightful to make up as they were extremely well moldered and detailed for 15 mm models. We have just finished three painted 28 mm Vietnamese Infantry paintings from the best Gringo 40 type of model painting. These three are hand grenade carrying warriors of grenade launchers. These were painted on commission for client Oliver. There’s some nice detail of felled Rohan cavalry on the base of the Nazgul. Painted 28 mm, Fantasy Models, for the Dungeons and Dragons game painted on commission for client Robin. These are nominated grounded on the guest’s request. Painted 28 mm, Fantasy Models, for the Dungeons and Dragons game painted on commission for client Robin.