What do you mean by a PBN Link? PBN refers to Private Blog Network which is nothing but a part of an authoritative websites network that is used to build links for the websites to get them ranked higher in the Google search engine so that they get the opportunity to make more money from their current website.

The one who is willing to enhance their website need to buy a domain that resemble exactly as the PBN Link for their website. For example, a Nursery Rhymes audio or video should access the domain of nurseryrhymes.com to increase their sales or goes in loss. It is successful only when the previous site is authorized and has faith from links pointing towards it. In that way the site which is adding the Private Blog Network Links is repurposed for another site so that it passes on the same authority to that site which is linked so. Hope now you had got better idea about what is PBN Link. Let us look at the Prime Role of PBN Links in the Field of Search engine optimization.

Private Blog Network Links


What is the role of PBN Links in SEO Techniques?

  1. Whether you are willing to buy an original version of PBN link or a spam free domain it should be similar to your site and has amazing backlinks. Make sure the PBN links which you wish to buy are from authoritative sites and resemble unique with class CIP addresses.
  2. Always go for Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs to find out your kind of backlinks that resemble same as your domain. Always check the niche of the backlinks from where they are coming and for that use Topical Trust Flow category for the domain.
  3. To figure out the backlinks have any value or not, use Metrics which are good way to find the same. For this you should again know what is PBN? This in turn helps you to filter down thousands of domains present in the list. Before buying a domain it is thus advisable to perform manual checking of the backlinks. To be frank there are no metrics which are full proofed so buy your PBN domain carefully.
  4. Make sure that your domain differs from the fake backlinks and was not used earlier as a PBN. Always check the history of the domain choosing an Internet Archive and Screenshots.com. In case, if you come across any foreign language sites while viewing the history of the domain or else it looks like a fake site or PBN, then you should ignore it.

The final step is setting concentration which helps you check the domain is indexed or not. Because if your purchased domain hails from an auction then that domain is not indexed, which states it was penalized. There after the domains are immediately removed from the Google index when they are found in either of the cases such as Pending, Delete or expired then in that case this kind of check will not work for them at all.