Mobility Scooters are the best option for the elder citizen. It helps the people to get back their independence as they were at their young age. There are many varieties of scooters are available. It is sold widely all over the world particularly the mobility scooters bristol are very famous and helpful. Among them, the most famous scooter is explained here.

Portable Travel Scooter

mobility scooters bristol

Its main concern is that they are less expensive than other mobility scooters. It is lightweight and small to carry. It is very convenient due to the foldable type. It is a great space saver and its total weight is 250ibs. It is fixed with a simple method of operation and gives a stylish look. It gives a speed of 4mph. it is an active traveller and its easy foldable method. Airline safety is made by sealed lead batteries. Its length is 36 inch per 91 cm, width is 21inch per 53 cm, height is 31 to 37 inch per 78 to 94 cm. its Floorboard length is 19 inch per 48 cm. its width is 13 inch per 33cm, deck height is 6.5 inch per 16 cm. solid rubber has used the tyres. For rim type rear cast aluminium is used. An electromagnetic brake is used to stop the vehicle suddenly. Four to six hours of charge is needed to run a vehicle. Its speed is 4mph per 6.4 kmh. its height is adjustable and the colours available are blue, red, copper, plum. Standard Anti-tipper wheel-rear is used. Warranty is also provided for these scooters. One year of limited warranty is given if there is any defect in the spare parts of the vehicle. Many specialised models are produced day by day to satisfy the customers.

Portable Travel Scooter for Elders

Elder people are getting old and they are not able to travel a long distance and enjoy their life. they are feeling bored in settling in a single place and watching TV or something else. They need some refreshment to take a pure air for breathing and if they go out they can enjoy the happiness of nature. Simply dumping in a single house will make them feel lonely and their mind will get diverted and there is a chance to get frustrated and vexed. To come of these problems they have to come out and enjoy the natural environment. It is very useful for the elders to come out and enjoy the chill breeze and fresh air. It is very light to carry on which helps the older to do their works by themselves. They should not depend on others. It is beneficial to the elders as compact, portable and they can enjoy it for 4mph. but the thing is that it can’t be used for daily use but occasionally once in two days or three days. The present technology has introduced automatic folding by touching the button. The company is adding more facilities according to the needs of the senior citizen. The wheels of the vehicles may vary from 3 to 4 wheels. People can choose their option as per their wish and comfortability. To end up, mobility scooters are very useful for the senior citizen to enjoy their retirement life to continue peacefully.