There are various types of crystals available in nature which are strongly associated with the planetary motions and have been proven to be part of ancient civilization as they only used Sun, Moon and the Oceans present on Earth to predict the future insights. The Healing med sten og krystaller samt cbdprocess was mainly used by shamans, priests,and reiki healers to combat the vibration of ill people to relieve their stress and improve their health. From the past few years, this process is being re-discovered to make the journey of people smooth who is overstressed due to financial problems, children studies,and their future and unlimited health problems. Each crystal used in this process is unique and has distinctive properties which play an important part in the treatment of people in need that are mostly used by Reiki practitioners to balance the energy levels in their room and assures them channeling of universal life energy for better living.

Different Types of Clairvoyant Crystals:

All the crystals used by Clairvoyant are available in different forms, sizes,and colors which show different action when used to heal the person to combat his mental being. But do remember that only a few are used to bring out the possible changes when they use their spiritual power. Let’s make a quick review of the main crystals which are popularly used in the treatment process with their list of benefits:

  1. Red Crystals:It is actually in color and one of the precious crystal that is used to stimulate, activate and enhance the energy level of an individual’s ability to deal with their daily routine, physical survival skills which motivate them and protects them from sudden disasters and balances all the side effects.
  2. Pink Crystals:It is a symbol of love and is very gentle and subtle to push things forward that are part of the resolution. It is used by Clairvoyant professionals to deal with the emotions and sensitivity of person and their daily life work schedules. They are best to calm one and express their love to others.
  3. White Crystals:They are generally known as clear stones that reflect all energies present around them. They are mainly used in the treatment process for clarity, purification, meditation, manifesting and cleansing. They are helpful to control the emotions from the abdomen of people who have imbalance fluid systems in their body to improve their digestive system.
  4. Violet Crystals: They are often used to rebalance all the systems of the body which inspire and provide them good imagination. They also enhance the intuition and psychic powers of one for meditation and better lucid dreaming to keep their mind calm and view clear perceptions.
  5. Yellow Crystals: They are better used to enhance one’s body digestive, nervous and immune system.This crystal is linked to relieving stress, fear and provide happiness in one’s life.


Healing med sten og krystaller

Visit today your nearest Clairvoyant who will suggest any one of these color crystals that suits with your body to help you in your self-healing process.Stay benefited by using these crystals that show great impact in your day to day life to live healthy and calm.They are helping to boost your inner strengths to solve any of your career or health problems.