The market for general books has declined in recent years but now appears to be stable again, as evidenced by the following statement.

Yet nobody is comfortable with it. Young people no longer read. E-books are growing 6% of book sales, 28% online, but not much can be gained from that. 85% of the books were sold through the 1500 points of sale of the members. 35% were sold online. The overlap comes for part of bookshops those themselves also sold via the web that you know it. For affordable publish  options for the book, this is essential.

Find publisher

A publisher is a professional who knows the market and knows how to promote and sell a book. If he wants your book, he will give it a realistic price, put it in his offer catalog and fund list, make sure it is in the bookstore, maybe arrange an interview and a review. He uses his relationships for that. Moreover, if a publisher wants your book, it is a powerful incentive for you as a writer and a great recommendation for your next book. You can call your published author, the work is published, not the author, and with that, you can occasionally give a lecture or lecture.

affordable publish

Do it yourself?

If you publish your book in-house, you will receive more per copy sold than you can expect in royalties from a publisher. Go to the website of one of the many printers in our country, enter a few variables and see the cost of your ready-made book. That saves considerably. If you have enough obligatory customers, such as family, friends, colleagues, you may have to pay the costs. It becomes more difficult if you have to sell and distribute your book yourself. Don’t imagine too much of sales online, a Facebook page or the self-publishing platforms.

Literary agents

Literary agents are a fairly new phenomenon on the market. They fill in the gap that has arisen at publishing houses after the last wave of dismissal. If a book is good, they will find a publisher. Sometimes a literary agent gives the writer substantive instructions to make his book more salable. But a literary agent does not work for anything. His commission is around 15%.

Intermediate forms

Between publishing and doing it yourself, there are all kinds of exploitation forms that usually amount to financial participation by the writer. This is for example asked to participate for an amount or to buy a part of the edition. For the sake of fun, look at how many books you could have made at advertising country for that contribution. As the publisher’s risk decreases, his efforts to sell the book also decrease, whereas you need that publisher for that.

Deliver the manuscript carelessly.

Sloppy has many forms. Typos and spelling errors, a font that is much too small or too large, the lines right on top of each other line spacing single, no page numbers, no difference between headings, subheadings and body text, no clear paragraph layout, sentences that are far too long, alternating long and short sentences, elaborations on side issues these are all forms of sloppy.

Deliver the manuscript in book form.

It doesn’t cost that much to have a manuscript printed on a book format and bound, it can even be very nice to do this with the text that you have written.