1. Try to use a custom WordPress theme.

If so, a custom theme would be a great investment for your website. In 2020, simply having a website isn’t enough, it needs to be updated, well built, and user-friendly.

Organizations that do not follow these rules could lose a lot of customers— 38 percent of people may stop checking a website if the layout/ content is unattractive.

So how do you get a step ahead of the competition and create a website for murderers? The first step is to employ custom WordPress Themes . Here are four reasons why a good website is essential to using a custom theme:

A WordPress Custom Theme will help you beat the competition. In order to beat competitors, your content has to stand out, and especially the design.

You offer similar services to your rivals, so in the eyes of first-time customers, website design could be one of the few things that separate you.

WordPress Themes

It’s real, the design has proven to generate more consumer confidence. 94% list architecture as the reason they don’t trust those websites.

You are immediately creating a professional image for customers by using a custom theme, and first impressions are really important.

You guarantee that the site of no one else will look quite like yours, too.

  1. It is simpler to customize and more customizable.

You’re stuck with the features it offers you, with basic WordPress models, and adding new features can be hard.

Let’s assume you want to add a slideshow picture to the homepage, for example. If this functionality is not in your standard WordPress design, then it will probably be hard to the add-in. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to add, modify, and delete any element as you see fit by using a custom WordPress theme.

Your business is growing and changing constantly and your website should do the same.

  1. It is bug-free.

If your company is big or small, it’s important that your website consistently performs.

When choosing a custom WordPress theme, you choose a product that has been created by professionals who know what they are doing. A custom theme has a well-written code that will guarantee that your site does not regularly experience bugs. While using a Content Delivery Network and a good hosting provider will boost site pace, first start by choosing the right theme.


On the other hand, if you’re going with stock or a regular WordPress theme, you’re likely to choose a product with a code that’s been written in haste. The consequence will be that the site is vulnerable to performance issues.

  1. It comes with more endorsement.

If it sounds overwhelming to build a theme from scratch, don’t worry. You’re not alone in this.

WP Online Support includes live demos, helping every step of the way. Even WordPress itself has lots of great tools to support you to do everything you need.

A custom WordPress theme is truly the best choice for your company, so don’t let any lack of design experience scare you away.